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The HDD Company recently completed a high profile intersect crossing for Targa Resources that was 7,624 feet (2,324 m) long for the installation of a NPS10 oil line.

This was part of a larger Renewable Fuel Expansion Project in Port of Tacoma, Washington. The project required 2 rigs drilling from either side, with the as-built schedule being 21 days which was within plan for the project. The HDD crossing linked the main Sound Refining facility on Marine View Drive on the northeast side of the Hylebos Waterway with rail facilities across the Hylebos Waterway on the Sound Refining Property located on Taylor Way on the southwest side of the waterway. One of the main stakeholders was the Puyallup Indians who had identified concerns with ground water contamination. The HDD Company together with Geo Engineers utilized a drill path design and mud program that eliminated the risk of ground water contamination. The Hylebos-Blair crossing was considered a huge success by both Targa Resources and The HDD Company.