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The HDD Company completed a historic project for the community of Fox Island in July of 2011. Fox Island is a small land mass near Tacoma Washington, USA. The project involved a 3500 foot (1067 metres) horizontally directionally drilled (HDD) crossing for the installation of a NPS 12 casing pipe.

Once the casing pipe was installed 6 HDPE ducts and 3 power cables were pulled into the casing to supply power to the island. HDD and trenchless construction is becoming the installation method of choice for utility companies. Utility installations that use HDD have an increased life span and are less susceptible to sloughing and flooding concerns.

Thank you to the Peninsula Light Company for selecting us for this project. We also had the opportunity to work with several other great organizations; SHN Consulting Engineers and Geologists, Active Construction, and Potelco; to complete the project. Not only did we get to play a major role in the project we also had the chance to participate in a short documentary about the project and its history.


For additional information about this crossing or The HDD Company please contact Rick Evans (based out of Cameron Park California) at 1-(530) 676-5705 or visit our website http://www.thecrossingcompany.com/hdd/

Posted September 13, 2011