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The Crossing Company is focused on the continued advancement of our safety culture and safety performance.

We work tirelessly to improve and pay attention to the fine details to ensure that everyone goes home safely. This past drilling season we had three outstanding safety reviews by three different operators that we are proud to share.

"The Crossing Company has an excellent hazard assessment system which involves all workers at the start of the shift. Documentation supports the daily hazard assessment and is reviewed throughout the shift should the scope change."
Encana Corporation

"My thanks to all who participated in the inspection process. This was an exceptional inspection with no deficiencies noted. Hazard assessments were very well done and the documentation clearly showed the management's commitment. Toolbox meetings are completed at shift changes and again reflect management's commitment to attending. Workers through the management team (Rig Manager & Driller) ensure workers needs are met. It is apparent that a strong safety culture exists within the company and safety is a valued process within the company and starts at the top."
Pembina Pipeline Corporation

"The pipeline project was a significant milestone for Bellatrix and a key piece of infrastructure. The Crossing Company's expertise resulted in a very well planned and executed project. The field staff were very experienced and capable, and even with some difficulties the project was on budget."
Bellatrix Exploration Ltd.

This form of client feedback is very meaningful as it shows that our hard work is paying off. I would also like to acknowledge all of our field staff for their participation and dedication to achieving The Crossing Company's safety goals.

Ryan MacLean
The Crossing Company Group

Posted June 23, 2011