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The Crossing Company strives to provide the most efficient and diverse trenchless service offering of any contractor in North America.

We understand the significant advantages of trenchless construction and believe strongly in the future growth of this sector. Landholder and environmental issues, lower carbon footprint and cost all make trenchless construction a much more viable solution.

Tunneling is a trenchless construction method that has not been widely used in Canada primarily because our low population density and large land mass has not required it. As our cities grow and as regulations and restrictions become tighter, we are seeing an increase in demand for tunneling services. More and more projects are being designed that lend themselves to tunneling or pipe jacking, and we are proud to be one of few Canadian companies to provide the technology and expertise to complete these projects successfully.

The Crossing Company has partnered with a 3rd generation European tunneler, where tunneling has been practiced for hundreds of years, to form The Tunneling Company. Combining three generations of German tunneling technical expertise with over 14 years of Canadian trenchless construction experience, The Tunneling Company owns a vast array of customizable equipment and can provide competitive project pricing with a level of technical knowledge not yet seen in the Canadian market. Steffen Bramm, one of the founders of the company brings to Canada a vast resume of tunneling experience.

Steffen Bramm is a German certified mechanic, certified explosive and construction engineer. He has been the Chief Estimator and Project Manager at H. Bramm GMBH from 1997 to 2011. His technical education combined with his long tunneling bloodlines will bring great value to The Tunneling Company and our clients.

Please go to www.thecrossingcompany.com/ttc for more information on The Tunneling Company.

Posted June 01, 2011