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The Crossing Company has recently completed their 2011 Rig Manager's meetings.

Another successful 2 days of meetings during which our senior operations staff discuss the events of the past year to identify our strengths and also to discuss the opportunities for growth. The theme of this year's meeting was "How to positively affect change." Our team's strong desire to take ownership for their activities as well as for the overall project has enabled continued growth with respect to safety and productivity. Constructive feedback from clients combined with successful onsite inspections by the operators has provided positive reinforcement to The Crossing Company and fuels us to forge ahead with our mission to zero.These sessions are designed to strengthen our focus on our company and on our stated priorities:

• Safety (behavior and attitudes)
• Effective communication
• Innovation
• Strong Client Relationships

The interactive nature of these sessions is what makes them so successful. Attendees provide the content for the meetings and their constructive thoughts and insight play a significant role in improving the performance of The Crossing Company.

Posted May 04, 2011