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In October of 2007, Syncrude Canada Ltd. (Syncrude) contracted The Crossing Company to construct the East Mine Seepage Curtain (EMSC) using horizontal directional drilling technology.

The ESMC involved the installation of five horizontal water wells ranging in length from 800m to 1200m. The wells are constructed within the surficial sand layer, with a vertical horizontal profile that follows the undulating clay/sand interface. The water can be pumped directly from the wells into a nearby creek, thus removing the need to treat the water. This process will improve the stewardship of this important natural resource with the promise of improved economics.

This project was of great significance for The Crossing Company because of the unique application of HDD technology. It was also a great test of our Safety Culture as it was tested against the very exacting standards of Syncrude and passed with flying colours.

Posted March 03, 2008