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The innovative rig technology at the Crossing Company|LRD has shown to be successful in completing large-scale projects that were once reserved for heavier rigs.

Through the use of the Vermeer D220 x 300s, the Crossing Company has the ability to complete projects 450 m (1,476 ft.) in length, with a final hole diameter of up to 1,219 mm (48 in.) — a first for a Canadian horizontal directional drilling company with this leading edge technology.
Beyond the cost savings associated with a light rig approach, the horizontal directional drilling technique leaves behind a smaller footprint on existing ecosystems through which the pipes are installed. This not only eliminates disruptions at the surface along the bore path and the workplace, but it also makes efficient use of resources and schedules with minimal setup time for drilling.

This technology is currently being used by Enbridge Inc. as part of three major projects under construction in Alberta, Canada.


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