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The Crossing Company Incorporated is a active member in the CEPA Foundation and proud supporter of the Let's Keep Canada Moving initiative.

This is a nation wide organization that works to bring active participants in the pipeline sector together to deliver high quality infrastructure by collaborating on a variety of communications, safety, quality and educational initiatives.  The CEPA Foundation is working dilligently to explain the value of the pipeline industry and how interconnected it is with all Canadians lives.  The Let's Keep Canada Moving website provides objective, unedited accounts from Canadians who have been positively impacted by the pipeline industry.  The goal of the Let's Keep Canada Moving website is to educate, inform and foster trust in people.

Support Canada and broaden your pipeline industry knowledge by visiting these websites:

Let's Keep Canada Moving!


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Lets work together to continue to build a strong country that we can all be proud of.


December 10, 2014