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February 10th, 2015

No-Dig Show 2015 in Denver, Colorado


January 27th, 2015

Living Safety - Safety Stand Down 2015


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North American Trenchless Solutions

Founded in 1997, The Crossing Company has grown to become one of the largest trenchless construction companies in North America. With offices and equipment in Grande Prairie, Nisku, Calgary, and Taber, Alberta; Kamloops, British Columbia and Sacramento, California. We are a privately held, employee owned company that is highly experienced, technically oriented and team centered.

Every member of our team has a vested interest in the success of each project, and we push the boundaries of trenchless construction to operate on a competitive pricing level. Skillful and determined, we maintain long-term client relationships that allow us to evolve our processes, grow our company and continually improve upon our greatest resource – our people.

The Crossing Company’s group of companies trenchless services includes Horizontal Directional Drilling, HDD Boring, Pilot Tube Auger Boring, Hammering, Pipe Jacking, Micro-Tunneling, Direct Pipe, Shaft Construction to name a few.

Built on a foundation of unparalleled experience The Crossing Company assembled the sharpest minds in the Heavy Rig sector.  The Crossing Company’s rig fleet completes projects that range in diameter from 76 mm (3”) up to 1,524mm (60”) with lengths from 300 m (984 ft) up to 3,000 m (9,843 ft).

Complex projects, extensive casing jobs, multiple crossings, intersects and a safety culture that we live everyday are why people know The Crossing Company.  Solutions are what we deliver.  Everyday more and everyday better.

All of the technical capabilities found in The Crossing Company squeezed into a smaller footprint.  With a fleet of rigs specifically geared towards the completion of shorter crossings in reduced work areas LRD is the Swiss Army Knife of trenchless construction.  LRD’s rig fleet completes projects that range in diameter from 51 mm (2”) up to 914 mm (36”) with lengths from 300 m (984 ft) up to 500 m (1,640 ft). The versatility of the fleet allows us to work on dense plant sites and congested pipeline right of ways.  Small equipment, big results.

Servicing the USA from their headquarters in Sacramento, California, The HDD Company has established a long list of satisfied customers by completing a wide array of horizontal directional drilling projects both as a sub-contractor and as a Project Lead. 

Excelling at shore approaches, harbour and marine work, major utility installations, and oil and gas projects has led The HDD Company to become one of the most trusted names in trenchless construction. Heavy rigs, light rigs and tunneling equipment is all available in the U.S. through The HDD Company.

Kamloops Augering & Boring Ltd. (founded in 1976) specializes in all things Tunneling.  Combining 3 generations of Canadian and German construction expertise pilot tubing, auger boring, micro-tunneling, hand-tunneling, pipe bursting, and pipe-jacking explains why Kamloops Augering has a reputation for making impossible projects possible. Kamloops Augering works in the crowded plant sites in Fort McMurray, the rugged terrain of Northern B.C. and dense metropolitan areas throughout north America and Europe.

The Hydrovac Company provides comprehensive hydrovac solutions to clients throughout north-central Alberta. Its advanced fleet of 10 new-model Tornado F4 Slope Tri-Drive hydrovac trucks is professionally managed and operated by an exceptionally skilled and extremely experienced team deeply committed to your success.